saugatuck township

Allegan County, Michigan


Saugatuck Township is located in Area 1 of the Allegan County Road Commission juristiction and consist of a toal 54.11 miles of roads, 21.02 primary roads and 32.99 miles of local roads.

Allegan County Road Commission is responsible for the snow removal, grading of gravel roads, repair and general maintenance of the county roadways in Saugatuck Township as well as placement and upkeep of all roadway signs. They design, engineer and contract all roadway improvements. 

The Saugatuck Township
Road Plan

Execution of the Saugatuck Township Road Plan is dependent upon renewal of two extra voted millages. The first expires on December 31, 2017 and the second on December 31, 2018. Construction periods 2017 through 2020 will emphasis the resurfacing of deteriated local roads that serve high density residential areas and main rural travel routes.

Allegan County Road Commission