The Township Assessor, Kyle Harris, MCAO, MCPPE determines the appraised value of property through statistical and analytical methods. Property values are based upon the General Property Tax Act 206 of 1893 as amended and Proposal A of 1984.

These taxable values are used to determine the distribution of property taxes levied to taxpayers. Only If values are current, correct and equitable will tax limits, debt limits and the distribution of state funds to the state, county, cities and townships, schools, colleges, etc. be as the Legislature intended.

The assessor maintains property record cards at the township office reflecting such things as current ownership of real propety by accurately tracking all land transfers, splits and subdivisions. This helps develop accurate and fair assessment rolls, land value maps and economoic condition maps (ECF) for the township, Allegan County and the Michigan State Tax Commission.

Saugatuck Township Assesing records are available online 24/7. For more info contact the Township Assessor, Kyle Harris at the Township Hall, Monday thru Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Forms & Petitions

Saugtauck Township Assesing Department Forms must be filed with the Township Assessor, Kyle Harris.